Wholesalers! Generate Motivated Seller Leads with a website!

Payments Accepted

DIY Website Starter Kit- The Pay As You Grow Website- $65 Per Month

Build Your Buyers List!

With your own website, building your buyers list is easy. Investors who are interested in what you've got to offer can simply input their email directly into your website, gradually building your list of end buyers!

24/7 Seller Lead Generation Forms!

Your lead generation form will work for you as your continue to grow your business.The form gives motivated sellers the option of filling in valuable information such as contact phone # and property address!

Market To Buyers

Once you've got your property under contract, now you can market the property to potential buyers! List photos, videos, pricing & value for the buyer and more!  Your time is precious so use it wisely, focusing on what's important!

10 years marketing experience for the benefit of wholesalers across the USA!

Use video to market your business or new property


The sky is the limit with video marketing. You can link videos directly to your website to explain services offered, promote newly acquired homes under contract and more. Videos are an extremely useful tool that can be used to draw in valuable leads. The interface is simple and direct, requiring no knowledge of HTML or CSS coding what so ever. This is what brings value to our clients. We offer a  simple and easy to use platform where wholesalers can promote services and generate lead

Bringing More Value To Real Estate Wholesalers!

Free Mobile Optimization Included

Over 90% of internet searches done today are on a smartphone or device. Most people don't realize this. If your website is mobile optimized, guess what? That means you are on top of the game. Every website designed by our team of designers is - you got it, mobile optimized. But wait, there's more! Mobile optimization is included in all  packages!

Best Price Around

In a world where people are battling to get the most value for the least amount of money, you will find us right in the middle ground. Our prices aren't ridiculously low because we have experience in web design and know the real estate wholesaling game well.  That is value. Neither do we charge an arm and a leg...This is because we want your business!

We Will Build Your Site It For You

Even though the interface is simple, we aren't the "Leave em' to sink or swim" kinda guys." We understand real estate wholesaling and online marketing more than anyone, so it would only make sense for us to first design your site.

Free Post Web Design Crash Course

After we've built your website, it's time to teach you the ropes. We will take approximately 45-90 minutes over the phone to guide you step by step on how to make general changes to your website such as changing layouts, adding photos, video, or even editing your contact forms. Why all of this? Cause we care and want your success.

Free Domain

That's right, it's one less thing you have to worry about. we are sure you've got more important things you'd like to spend your fortunes on. Need assistance on picking a domain? We can help with that too. 

3 Package Options

We offer 3 packages for our entrepreneurs. Our DIY package is for those that wanna save a buck and do most of the work themselves. Our standard package allows buys to have a complete website and only provide wording, while our VIP package is made for those who don't have time to worry about site building...So, we do it all for them. 

Wonder What your website could look like? Have a look at a recent website.


DIY Starter Website Package- $65 Per Month


  • Pay As You Go
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • 5-7 Page Structure Only
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Contact Form Structure Only
  • Cash Offer Form Structure Only
  • Free Domain

Standard Website Package- $950


  • 5-7 Pages
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Contact Form- 5 Rows
  • Cash Offer Form- 5 Rows
  • Free Domain
  • Free Logo
  • SEO
  • Social Media Links 
  • Professional Stock Images
  • Google Maps Of Location
  • Videos Integration
  • Integrate Blog (Tumblr)

VIP Website Package- $1500


  • 5-10 Pages
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Contact Form- Unlimited Question Rows
  • Cash Offer Form- Unlimited Question Rows
  • Free Domain
  • Free Logo
  • SEO
  • Social Media Links 
  • Professional Stock Images
  • Google Map Of Location
  • Video Integration
  • Integrate Blog (Tumblr)
  • Favicon
  • Slideshow
  • Custom Email Address
  • Buyer List Email Subscription Form
  • 1 Hr Website Revision Course
  • Content Provided- Wording & Photos
  • Website Search Engines Submission
  • Facebook & Instagram Business Account
  • Add Downloadable File (Brochures)